Board Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Call to Order: 6:45pm Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Tom Stanko, Darcel Bulock, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski, Bill McConnell Absent: None Minutes: Bill moved, Marilyn seconded – approved unanimous Budget report: mowing for October and November came in December; Luminaries income and expense included, carryforward of $150 and some stock remaining as … Read more

Board Meeting Minutes – December 2018

Meeting called to order 6:50 Present: Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Ann Johnson, Darcel Bulock, Tom Stanko Absent: Bill McConnell, Sharon Grabski, Marilyn Ruh Guest: Bryce Hauptman, Jason Johnson, Mark Restum October minutes.  Tom made motion to approve, Cindee seconded.  Motion carried unanimously. Budget Report:  Expenses are in line with budget 2018 Budget: move repair of … Read more