Board Meeting Minutes – MAY 2020

Call to Order: 6:35pm

Members Present: Bill McConnell, Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Tom Stanko, Darcel Bulock, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski

Absent: None

  • Minutes: Bill moved to approve the April meeting minutes as presented, Marilyn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Budget: dues still trickling in, $300 additional for the playground in April. A few more dues paid in May Linda Arens gave $1,000 for playground in May. Elaine is going to write a thank you letter and Cindee is going to take it around to everyone to sign. $11,675 earmarked for playground (including $8,000 reserve). Elaine reached out to Bryce about the website fee and he said they were never notified of the increase. Consensus was that the increase was not significant enough for further concern. Insurance company sent the new rates and the rates will remain the same for next year.
  • Dues: 274 households have paid, 66 households still owe. Noted that two of the individuals that owe have passed away.
  • Meeting Minutes: Jennifer Edmonds updated the meeting minutes she had onto the website. Missing a few months that are likely on the HOA laptop.
  • Covenants: Jennifer still working to contact both the attorney in the neighborhood who offered to assist and the independent attorney to get a formal opinion on potential amendment and or combining of the covenants.
  • Future meetings: Discussion regarding having future meetings on Zoom for the time being while in person gatherings are still prohibited. Bill will set up the meeting on Zoom and Tom will post something on NextDoor the week before for people to contact him if they would like to attend. 
  • Playground: Delayed due to shelter in place orders, at least into the fall but may end up going into 2021.
  • Fundraising update: Discussion regarding providing an update to residents regarding the funds raised toward the new playground structure. Tom will create something to be posted on NextDoor. 
  • Fourth of July Parade: Marilyn will try to call the Meridian Twp Fire Department to drive through the neighborhood. 
  • Request to make mileage marks on the roads for kids to run/walk similar to school mileage club. All felt that this would be a question for the Road Commission but that the HOA did not have any objection.

Bill Moved, Darcel Seconded, Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.

Next meeting will be June 17th @ 6:30pm on Zoom.