Board Meeting Minutes – June 2020

Call to Order: 6:46pm

Members Present: Bill McConnell, Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Tom Stanko, Darcel Bulock, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski

Absent: None

  • Minutes: Marilyn moved to approve the May meeting minutes with a few minor amendments, Sharon seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Budget: dues still trickling in, mostly the usual monthly bills including the first lawn and landscaping bills. $11,675 earmarked for playground held in the Money Market Reserve account. 
  • Dues: No big changes from last month. 81% have paid dues with 24% having paid online a slight increase from last year. Given the current COVID situation and related economic conditions leins were not placed
  • Meeting was posted on Nextdoor but no one requested to participate.
  • Update on fundraising efforts was posted on Nextdoor.
  • Elaine created thank you letter for Linda Arens. Cindee got everyone’s signature and mailed it out. She should have received it Monday.
  • Marilyn posted about 4th of July event on Nextdoor. Meridian Twp police and fire will drive through the neighborhood in place of the annual bike parade this year.
  • Kona not an official HOA activity but HOA was generally in support with some even expressing that it would be nice given that we were not able to do the ice cream social this year. Cindee offered that they could set up in the same area we normally do the ice cream social, near the playground.
  • Fundraising: Discussion about possibly doing restaurant take out fundraisers with Noodles and Company, Panera and/or Culvers. Jennifer will look into possible fundraising opportunities.
  • Discussion on Township assessment for potential rain garden. Next step is to have the engineers draw up plans for a proposal. Discussed if that assessment would be able to do anything for the flooding that occurs at the cul-de-sac at Tacoma Hills and Birchwood but it was explained that this would not 
  • Cindee expressed concerns about the mowing being done in the park. Marilyn offered to assist in communicating those concerns to the lawn service company.
  • The sign asking people not to play on the playground equipment due to COVID-19 has been removed since those restrictions have been lifted for the township.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm.

Next meeting will be August 12th @ 6:30pm.