Board Meeting Minutes – August 2020

Call to Order: 6:35pm

Members Present: Bill McConnell, Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Tom Stanko, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski

Guests: Kate & Steven McLeod, Kaitlin Torphy, Leczek Gawarecki

Absent: Darcel Bulock

  • Minutes: Elaine moved to approve the June meeting minutes with a few minor amendments, Bill seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Issue with accessing the minutes, working to resolve as quickly as possible.
  • Budget: dues still trickling in, a few people paid online. $120 additional funds for playground project. $20 for flags and supplies for 4th of July parade. Sharon sent out a second dues notice. $11,835 for playground fund ($8,000 pulled from reserves plus nearly $4,000 donated.) $1,000 to fix water in July. Discussed Lagoon treatment fee will likely be coming up soon.
  • Dues: 41 people owe as of today. Several people that owed multiple years paid.
  • 4th of July parade: good number of people came out, we had the Meridian Township Fire Engine and a motorcycle officer in place of the annual bike parade this year. Marilyn sent them a thank you and provided them a thank you treat as well.
  • Playground: medium playground is $14,799 with free shipping. Cost to have a crew build it would be $5,000-$6,000 and shipping would normally be $1,500-$1,700. Try to coordinate with metal recycling event
  • Sharon made the motion to allocate contingency funds to playground fund. Elaine seconded. Discussion regarding some remaining details to work out and the quick turnaround. Unanimously decided to table 
  • Jennifer will reach out to playground equipment company to get information regarding liability and warranty if constructed via a community build. Send Tom the information regarding ground cover options.
  • Elaine will reach out to the insurance company regarding coverage for the build and for the deconstruction of the old equipment.
  • Tom will reach out to Freidland Industries to confirm details regarding recycling event, options, dates and other logistics details. Tom will prepare a motion. Tom will post something on Nextdoor, other Board members should reach out to people they know in the neighborhood.
  • Tom provided an update on the Downtown Okemos project.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm.
Next meeting will be September 10th @ 6:30pm via Zoom.