Luminaries Are HERE!

Tacoma Hills is again participating in Christmas Eve Luminaries to light up the season!  For those new to our neighborhood, please see the photo on the Order Form, which you will find on our website, on NextDoor, our Facebook page, and other social media!  

Since the 1980s, our neighbors have put out plastic luminary containers, or white paper bags, lining their roadway/driveway/walkway, at dusk, on December 24.  A lit candle in each one will burn through the night.  THHA orders the candles & bags in bulk, and we offer you price savings.  In turn, THHA volunteers line the sidewalk along Hamilton Rd, between our entrances, and along the road around the Lagoon.  (Sign up to help with this project!)

We have THREE (3) ways you can get your luminaries:


NEW this year, we will be offering ONLINE ordering of luminary supplies via our website,  Go to the “Residents” tab, click on “Events”, then “Luminaries”, fill out the form, and make your payment.  Your order will be delivered to your front porch.


Simply fill out your order form, enclose a check, made out to “THHA”, and send it to Elaine Putvin, 2003 Pawnee Trail, Okemos.  Your order will be delivered to your front porch.ORDER FORM LINK

Please note, online and mail orders will be delivered.  Please order by 12/15/2021!


The Luminary Store is located at 2003 Pawnee Trail.  Follow the walkway around behind the garage, to the side porch.  Bring your order form, or fill one out here, and enclose your cash or check made out to “THHA”.  Don’t forget to take your purchases with you!   

Lots of people come from all over the area to view our luminaries; it’s one of the top reasons our neighbors say they LOVE our neighborhood!

For questions, email Elaine:  [email protected]  or text or call 586-215-3043