Annual Past Due Reminder – 2021 Edition

During the recent 2021 Annual Tacoma Hills Home Owners board meeting it was brought to attention about many residents are behind on their annual dues, some dating back as far as 2009! While we are understanding that sometimes these kinds of things can slip one’s mind, it is very important to bring yourself up to date on any that you may be behind on.

The annual dues are used to cover such items as the landscaping, the lagoon treatment, power for the entranceway lighting as well as many of the fun events that we put on during the year! The annual dues have been a part of Tacoma Hills since its inception dating back to the late 50’s/early ’60s.

Below you can see the current number of past dues from the previous years totaling $4,320 which could be used not only for the neighborhood upkeep but also to continue with the annual events throughout the year.

  • 20091 lien
  • 20101 lien
  • 20111 lien
  • 20121 lien
  • 20132 liens
  • 20141 lien & 1 unpaid
  • 20151 unpaid
  • 20161 unpaid
  • 20175 unpaid
  • 20186 unpaid
  • 20197 unpaid
  • 202014 unpaid
  • 202130 unpaid

*Note: As expected, based upon this data, the same property/properties have multiple liens filed upon them.

There are 339 residences in Tacoma Hills and we historically have a great long-term payment rate of over 99% — Thank you!!

As above, liens have been placed on properties in the years 2009-2014. The THHA covenants include a provision for placing liens on properties with unpaid dues. Because of COVID the board has refrained from placing these liens the past year (liens have been generally placed on properties owing 3 years or more of dues).

Past unpaid dues notices are mailed to residents each year and USPS registered/receipt notifications are mailed to residents when a lien is to be placed.  

When a lien is placed (filed with the Register in Deeds at the courthouse in Mason) it will become part of the county public records, and the property will also incur additional interest and filing fees which will need to be paid to bring the property out of the lien.  Liens are reported when a title search is performed when a house is going to be sold. 

Dues have been collected as a result of the liens placed upon properties over the years.  Financial institutions have to pay the lien if the house is foreclosed but have refused to pay if there was no legal filing. The lack of liens on properties in the early 2000’s “Great Recession” when the board was trying to “help” homeowners resulted in a loss of over $1,000 in unpaid dues from financial institutions.

Please take a moment at your earliest convinence to look over your records if you have any suspicion that you may have missed a payment.  If in doubt, please contact us so we can check our records. You may also pay past due and future dues at any time directly on this site!

Snowbirds—many pay the dues before they migrate.   If you would like to “pre-pay” your dues, just let us know. If you make a second payment for 2021 dues we will automatically credit the new payment for 2022 dues.

Again, Thank you!