Annual Meeting Minutes – November 2021

Call to Order: 6:35 pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Jennifer Edmonds, Shelby DeNike, Bill McConnell, Cindee Picklo, Sharon Grabski, Tom Stanko, James Keathley, Elaine Putvin

Guests: Kevin Berry, Sean Riley, Joanne Keith

Absent: None

Agenda: Motion to approve the meeting agenda, Bill Moved, Sharon Seconded; approved unanimously.

Minutes: Motion to approve minutes from 2020 annual meeting Bill moved, Shelby seconded; approved unanimously.

Budget: Elaine provided an overview of the highlights of the financial activity for the year including the installation of the playground as a significant unusual expense during the year. 

Dues: Sharon provided an update on the due collection for the year and noted there are 30 households that owe for 2021 vs 14 owing for 2020 vs 7 owing for 19, etc. She noted there are 5 households that make up a lot of the total dues owed as they each owe for 5 years and discussed placing a lien on those five households that owe for 5 or more years.

Garage Sales: Only had 1 this year. We have had 2 in prior years and discussed going back to a spring and fall sale next year. Discussed potentially adding food trucks in the future as an additional draw.

4th of July: Due to construction the parade started at the end of Manitou. Had a few fewer participants this year but it was still a good turn out and people really enjoyed it. Marilyn has to lead this activity for a number of years but is hoping to pass it off to someone new going forward. She has reached out to the Lewis family (the parade started in front of their house this year) to see if they would be interested in leading this event in the future. Jennifer Edmonds noted that she would be willing to help if the Lewis’ were not able/interested.

Ice Cream Social: Did ice cream novelties instead of scooped ice cream this year. It was so much easier than scooping and everyone really enjoyed it. Multiple board members helped store ice cream novelties in advance of the day. We had a great turnout this year and plan to continue doing it this way in the future.

Food Trucks: Had three different vendors bring food trucks. Plan to make this a monthly thing in the future. Seemed to be really great turn out and two of the three food trucks were “ecstatic” with the turnout.

Luminaries: This year we’ll be offering an online option for purchasing luminaries in addition to cash/check, in person, and by mail. Online or mail orders will be delivered. Online ordering will be available from November 29 through December 15th. In-person pick-up is available at Elaine’s house. This has been a tradition in the neighborhood since at least the 80s. The candles sold to residents pay for the candles put out front and around the lagoon.

Playground Equipment: Gave some background on the process that led up to the playground installation from the dot voting on project ideas at the 2019 bike parade until the equipment was ultimately installed in May 2021.

Lagoon: Bill recapped discussions held about the management of the Lagoon, and discussions with the township and road department as they were doing road work in the area as well. Discussed some concerns that some neighbors in that area have had and how the road crew did/did not respond to concerns. 

Board Membership: No members indicated that they were interested in leaving the board at this time. Bill motioned to approve all board member positions set to expire this year. Seconded by Shelby. Unanimously passed.

Bill moved to adjourn, Shelby seconded. Pass unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.