Board Meeting Minutes – June 2019

Called to order: ???

  • Minutes passed
  • Treasurer – 6 more paid online, paid for sprinkler turned on; 43 unpaid by end of May, several more paid in June
  • Old business 
  • Rick Asper has family health issues but will be contacting us about the sign
  • Bill will paint the old sign at some point, suggested to match the colors of the other sign
  • Approved to remove the split rail fence behind the new sign
  • Old info about playground equipment
  • Ideas for July bike parade: dot vote (small playground, large playground, DIY, small pavilion) – Darcel moved, Sharon second
  • algae blooms: consider options for managing algae and geese issue (cat tails?), erosion issues; next step is to measure to assess the issue
  • BBQ at Sharon’s after 4th of July parade? 10am bike parade, after party at Sharon’s at noon
  • August 6th – Ice Cream social
  • Next meeting August 15th
  • Motion to adjourn 8:10pm Tom, Sharon