Board Meeting Minutes – January 2021

Call to Order: 6:30pm

Members Present: Bill McConnell, Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Tom Stanko, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski, Cindee Picklo, Shelby DeNike

Guests: None

Absent: None

  • Minutes: motion to approve November and December minutes Elaine approved, Marilyn seconded; approved unanimously.
  • Budget: Revenues year to date = $24,352, just over $4,000 collected specifically for the playground; year to date expenditures are just over $14,000; went over on office expenses by $111 due to the mailing with the notice for the annual meeting this year.
  • Dues: 29 people still owe including 11 people who owe for more than 1 year. At the beginning of the year 19 people owed for multiple years so that’s a big improvement. In the dues notice, email addresses were requested to help with better reaching residents and being able to send information via email. Decided to send first notice out via email. Second notices will be sent out by physical mail in February to those that have not paid.
  • Luminaries: About 50% more participation this time and low stock of candles to carry over into next year so we may need to order more than usual; net about $1,000 extra this year which will go into the playground as part of the 
  • Playground update: looking at approximately $8k excess in budget to be applied to playground build this year for an approximately total of $20,000 which, based on estimates, will cover cost of equipment and professional build. Elaine is going to get Jennifer a contact for Meridian Parks to see if they can recommend a local company to do the build at a lower cost than the playground equipment company. Jennifer will reach out to the Meridian Parks contact and the playground company to get quotes on demo of old equipment and build of new structure.
  • Old Tacoma Hills sign: discussed contacting welder about building the frame to rehang the old Tacoma Hills sign, possibly reusing the posts from the existing playground when it is demolished.
  • Lagoon: Discussed the long-term maintenance of the lagoon including erosion and geese issues. Discussed how to have a conversation with residents about options. Discussed making this an agenda item in a future meeting and inviting individuals from the neighborhood that might be interested to join the meeting for the discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

Next meeting will be February 11th @ 6:30pm via Zoom.