Board Meeting Minutes – February 2020

Call to Order: 6:45pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Cindee Picklo, Tom Stanko, Darcel Bulock, Jennifer Edmonds, Sharon Grabski

Absent: Bill McConnell

  • Budget: already have $1,460 in dues round up for playground; $762 in February; 226 people have paid dues so far already. 
  • Discussion regarding investment options to put funds in to at least earn a little more return. Current interest rate is 1.5-1.7% right now. Jennifer moved that the $25,000 in the legal reserve fund be moved to a money market fund as presented; seconded by Marilyn; Tom recused himself from the conversation and the vote; Vote: Tom abstained; approved unanimous by all others
  • Discussed property taxes for common areas all at assessed at $0 so no taxes due.
  • Dues: about 2/3 of the dues have paid about half of which rounded up something toward the playground equipment. A lot of people commented that they like getting the dues notice with the newsletter.
  • Discussed our practices for sending notices and filing liens on past due participants.
  • Minutes: a few minor changes were suggested; Darcel moved to approve as amended, Elaine seconded – approved unanimous
  • Newsletter: everyone felt it came together good and positive feedback has been received by residents, including multiple that expressed that they liked that the newsletter and dues notice were sent together
  • Metal Recycling Event: Joel suggested April 10th weekend but that’s Easter weekend so Tom is going to ask him about moving it up a week and doing the Easter Egg hunt that same weekend. The trailer will be dropped off Friday afternoon and picked up Sunday. Tom will take the lead in writing up the information to promote it. 
  • Playground: Meridian Township Parks and Recreation offered to provide information and assistance as we review options
  • Covenants update: still pursuing the legal opinion 
  • Old Minutes: Need meeting minutes since October of 2018 to add to the website. Darcel was able to assist with providing old minutes from her emails.
  • Fundraising ideas: Panera email – Elaine will send the tax form and Jennifer will follow up with Panera to apply for a fundraising date.
  • Easter egg hunt: will ask for donations of eggs on next door; budget of $50 for event; will await confirmation of the date from Tom since this is intended to coincide with the metal collection fundraiser.
  • Jennifer still needs to reach out to Bryce who manages the website, to learn how to put information on the website.
  • Darcel moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Sharon. Motion passed unanimously. Adjourned at 7:58pm.

Next meeting will be March 17th @ 6:30pm.