New soccer goals in the common area!

Kids Soccer
Kids posing in front of one of the new soccer goals.

Some of you may have noticed at the end of summer that some very high-end soccer goals made their way to the common area for everyone in our neighborhood to use!

We wanted to give a special thanks to Brad Lewis, who was able to obtain the soccer goals donated by the MSU Women’s Soccer Head Coach Jeff Hosler!

I (Shelby DeNike) accompanied fellow residents Brad Lewis, and Tim Bograkos, as well as our board member Marilyn Ruh’s son Mike Ruh (The owner of Lawns and More, who generously volunteered his time and trailer!) to go and pick up and relocate these goals to the Tacoma Hills commons area.

Within that day, and the weeks after before the weather took a turn you were likely to spot a group of neighbor kids out there playing! These goals really helped to give the kids in our neighborhood a place to practice and play some games against friends.

Again this was a fantastic donation from MSU that would have otherwise cost us a substantial amount of money if we were to have purchased similar goals equal to the caliber that we donated.