Christmas Eve Luminaries 2022

Thanks to everyone who participated in our blustery Christmas Eve luminary display! It was challenging, with the snow falling and the wind blowing, but it was also beautiful and inspiring!

Hopefully, you got out to view them, either by vehicle or on foot. While the front entrance display was more affected by the wind, the display around the Lagoon was much more successful.

Many of our residents purchased discounted candles & white bags from us to place in front of their properties, enhancing our neighborhood for the evening.

These sales offset the cost of placing the luminaries along Hamilton Rd, between Tacoma & Manitou, and around the Lagoon.

Thanks to Carol Ohlrogge and her team, who managed the Lagoon display, and Tom Stanko and his team, who managed the Front Entrance display. And thanks again to all who participated!

Elaine Putvin, Luminary Chair