Board Meeting Minutes – OCTOBER 2018

Members present: Marilyn Ruh, Elaine Putvin, Sharon Grabski, Cindee Picklo, Bill McConnell, Ann Johnson, Darcel Bulock

Guest: Tom Stanko

  • Tom introduced himself and expressed his interest in joining board.  Darcel made a motion to appoint Tom as interim member to replace one of the open seats vacated by Haithem or August.  Cindee seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Budget report
  • Based on current dues collected and expected expenses the year will be overspent for actual year income.  Once the beginning balance carry over from previous year is reflected in the January 2018 column, the balance deficit will be covered as planned.
  • Cindee moved to amend current budget to reflect the carry over from previous year.  Ann seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Dues report
  • 3 more dues paid.  20 residents have not paid.  Next notice will be sent out with a week.
  • 1943 Birchwood paid for 1 year- new owners.  1 year back payment is still outstanding.
  • Motion made to reconsider previous decision by Board to send out a dues notice for following year in October or early November, with Luminaries Order Form and Annual Meeting Notice. Marilyn seconds.  Sharon proposed to send out the Notice of Annual Meeting with Agenda & Luminaries Order only, in November. Dues Notice for 2019 dues will be mailed separately, in January.
  • Playground Equipment
  • Replacement panels ordered to replace two damaged sections (broken slide and tic tac toe panel).
  • Agenda item proposed for annual meeting item to discuss fundraising program to install new structure, issue special assessment on dues, or a combination of.  This will be a main agenda item.
  • Darcel will talk to Miracle to see if a sales rep could come to annual meeting to present new structure alternatives.

Annual Meeting Agenda- November 15, 2018

  • Budget Report
  • Dues report
  • Board Member vacancy, terms and elections
  • Play structure
  • Inspection report
  • Repair report
  • New play structure proposal
  • Luminaries 
  • Report on 2018 activities
  • Public Comments

Two weeks from today, Sharon will send snail mail notices of annual meeting and luminaries with drafts from Cindee and Elaine

Elaine moved adjournment. Seconded by Ann. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 8:30