Board Meeting Minutes – February 2022

Call to Order: 6:31 pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Jennifer Edmonds, Shelby DeNike, Bill McConnell, Cindee Picklo, Sharon Grabski, Tom Stanko

Guests: Stephanie White

Absent: James Keathley, Elaine Putvin

Minutes: Motion to approve minutes Bill moved, Shelby seconded; approved unanimously.

  • Budget and Dues: Cindee asked a clarifying question regarding the budget recap from the prior meeting minutes. Regarding dues, 86 have paid, 53 haven’t, plus Sharon has several additional checks to deposit.
  • Meridian Township Green Grants program: These grants were previously offered to schools only but were recently made available to other community organizations. The funding that was available required an application by January 31 and the board had some email discussion but was not able to put together a formal application in the short time frame.

    Discussed if we’re interested in funding opportunities in the future we should be prepared regarding conceptual projects for potential opportunities. Stephanie White offered her thoughts around how to balance various concerns of individuals in the neighborhood on proposed projects and also offered to be involved in the event there are projects in the future.

    Several board members shared perspectives on preferred maintenance of green spaces. Sharon suggested increasing the accessibility of the lagoon area for individuals with walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. Bill suggested a potential future use to get equipment/expertise to conduct a more formal assessment of the water quality and other concerns around the lagoon.

    Shelby offered to make posts on Nextdoor and Facebook to start gathering ideas and engaging individuals who might be interested in being involved with a future committee/project. Overall there was support for pursuing funding if/when future opportunities arise with any formal proposal approved by the board before applying.
  • Shelby discussed the need to have a centralized place to store all HOA related documents to ensure they are retained and accessible. Discussed security and access needs. Shelby will provide additional details on the plan for document retention at the next meeting.
  • Garage Sales: Colleen emailed Marilyn regarding potential dates in May and September. Discussed having food trucks during the garage sale weekends as well. Proposed dates May 20-21. Also discussed potential dates in September but decided to hold off to know the football schedule.
  • Marilyn mentioned that she received a notice about fundraising events at Culvers and thought it might be a potential fundraiser for the neighborhood. Shelby mentioned that Taco Bell does this as well. Marilyn will inquire with Culvers and Shelby will inquire with Taco Bell regarding how to apply to host a fundraiser with these restaurants.

Bill moved to adjourn the meeting. Sharon seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 22 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom.