Board Meeting Minutes – May 2022

Call to Order: 6:34 pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Jennifer Edmonds, Bill McConnell, Cindee Picklo, Sharon Grabski, Elaine Putvin, Tom Stanko, James Keathley, Shelby DeNike

Guests: Brad Lewis, Colleen McNamara, David Patton

Minutes: April meeting minutes were provided before the meeting for approval. Shelby Moved and Bill Second approved unanimously.

Dues: 85 have not paid dues, one is in an estate, one is with the title company, second dues notice at the end of April.

Budget and Finance: Collected quite a bit of due in April, just paid Redwood landscaping for wood chips, Lawns and More is responsible for taking care of lawn waste; she has a slight difference from Sharon’s number of unpaid dues likely due to timing of physical checks received directly by Sharon. Noted that the check for the culvers night for $674.59 was received. Reviewed bank statement from the end of April showing the activity, mainly for dues payments. Elaine will work to get Cindee, and Marilyn added to the account as a backup. Received an update on insurance noting theirs been no increase in premiums or decrease in coverage note.

Easter Egg Hunt: We had excellent attendance, even more than we were expecting. We put out over 550 eggs. Overall the response to the inaugural event was very well received, and we’re already planning to improve the event for next year.

Garage Sales: Colleen provided an update that the neighborhood garage sale is going to be the weekend after next. For Friday, there will be a food truck there as well. Colleen is concerned about getting traffic to the back of the sub. Suggested making signs, Bill suggested making the map that Shelby is working on making available at the food truck so people know where the sales are. Discussed ways to promote the garage sales

Discussed a concern expressed by a resident regarding the trees/brush in the common area. Bill talked to the neighbor, and they seemed to understand that the ground was too wet to get the debris removed but hoped to remove it in the next week or so.

Several complaints have been received lately from residents regarding trailers parked in the neighborhood, particularly around some that are seen to be obstructing view/traffic in some areas.

David Patton presented his idea to have a block party on Oneida drive to celebrate the last day of school on June 10th, 6 pm – 7:30 pm. He’s talked to his neighbors, and they are interested. They would like to have games and a DJ and were hoping to have the HOA sponsor the event and provide some type of treat. Brad suggested getting the Kona Ice truck. Tom asked about closing the street and if we need to reach out to Meridian police from a safety perspective. Bill said that to barricade the road, you must ask the road commission. Shelby can post about the event on our website and social media, Brad offered to reach out to a contact at the fire department to see if they could stop by, and Shelby will try to book the Kona Ice truck for the event.

Request to Offer Yoga in the Park: Discussed that the individual who asked to do yoga in the park for neighborhood residents added the HOA to her insurance policy. She will also have participants sign a standard waiver form, and participation will not have a set fee; instead, people can contribute a donation of any amount. Board agreed to allow the use of the park for this purpose.

Brad Lewis expressed interest in various fundraising opportunities, including providing information on the opportunity to do a fundraiser with the local Bigby location similar to the fundraiser at Culver’s. Possibly can have a “celebrity” barista to bring in neighbors.

Marilyn updated the trees near the power lines in the common area. Consumers are going to come out and trim the trees and will be cutting down the large dead tree that is there as well.

Colleen mentioned that she is meeting with some individuals from Meridian Township regarding the street lights and will provide an update at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 14 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom.