Board Meeting Minutes – March 2022

Call to Order: 6:35 pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Jennifer Edmonds, Shelby DeNike, Bill McConnell, Cindee Picklo, Sharon Grabski, Elaine Putvin

Guests: Kathleen Clohesy

Absent: Tom Stanko, James Keathley

Minutes: February minutes will be approved at the next meeting.

  • Kathleen Clohesy requested the HOA permission to host a Tacoma Hills residents only yoga session with the potential of making it a weekly event Memorial Day through Labor Day.

    Discussed Cindy’s concerns regarding parking and cars driving on lawns in the area. Also discussed are insurance/liability considerations.

    Kathleen is going to follow-up with Elaine regarding the insurance issue and the event can be promoted in a way to encourage walking/biking and being respectful of peoples’ lawns if driving. 
  • Budget and Dues: Elaine showed the bank statement and budget report. Discussed the higher than normal electricity bill. Elaine is going to follow up on if the rate had changed or what is causing the higher bill. About 32% of dues have been paid so far and half of those have been paid online which is more than it has been in the past.

    There was an issue with the printer getting the paper dues mailing but it will hopefully be going out in the next few days. Expect to have an influx of dues when the mailing is sent.

    Residents (approximately 25 households, 14 of which are just 1 year behind) who owed more than one year were sent a mailing back in January as well.
  • Marilyn brought the new lawn maintenance contract with the fee now being $450 per year, up from $425. Elaine noted that the contract had raised last year as well.

    Possible topic for next meeting to discuss alternative options for use of the common area that might reduce the amount of lawn mowing.
  • Discussed the Metronet installation going on now. Noted that if there are any concerns residents should contact the township.
  • April 11th Culvers fundraiser.
  • May 20-21st Garage Sales: Shelby will reach out to get food trucks lined up for that day 11-5pm. Consider a possible breakfast truck starting at 9am.
  • Jennifer proposed the HOA hosting an Easter Egg hunt event on Saturday 4/16 and offered to lead the planning and hosting of the event.

    Marilyn moved to provide a $50 budget for the easter egg hunt, Bill supports. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 12 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom.