Board Meeting Minutes – April 2022

Call to Order: 6:34 pm

Members Present: Marilyn Ruh, Jennifer Edmonds, Bill McConnell, Cindee Picklo, Sharon Grabski, Elaine Putvin, Tom Stanko, James Keathley,

Guests: Kathleen Clohesy

Absent: Shelby DeNike,

Minutes: February and March meeting minutes were provided in advance of the meeting for approval. Bill Moved Marilyn Second approved unanimously.

Budget and Finance: Elaine showed the bank statement and budget report. Noted that the higher electricity bill paid in February as being higher due to it including the holiday season, though it was still a little higher than in the past. Noted that updated property tax assessment notices were received with our communal property continuing to be assessed at $0

Dues: 108 have not been paid which is better than normal. The mailing seems to have been very effective at getting people to pay their dues. There are 4-5 people who claimed to have paid in prior years but we do not have a record of payment. Discussed putting liens on houses that owe 3 years or more.

Request to Offer Yoga in the Park: Discussed that the individual who asked to do yoga in the park for neighborhood residents added the HOA to her insurance policy. She will also have participants sign a standard waiver form as well and participation will not have a set fee, rather people can contribute a donation of any amount. Board agreed with allowing the use of the park for this purpose.

Jennifer provided an update on the HOA hosting an Easter Egg hunt event on Saturday 4/16. We have over 500 eggs ready for the hunt. It looks like the weather should at least be dry for the day of the event. Elaine was able to borrow an Easter Bunny costume from her church as well.

Discussed the lawn care renewal contract has been signed for next year.

Discussed a concern expressed by a resident through the website regarding a tree in the commons area that is entangled in the overhead utility lines. Marilyn called Consumers Energy to show them the trees resting on the power lines in the commons area to see if they will do anything about the tree. We do not believe it is likely that they will do anything but Marilyn will share what she learns from that meeting.

Discussed the fact that there are actually several trees in the common areas that are near utility lines and we may want to discuss the Plan to discuss future management of trees along the common areas to assess the risk of trees falling and if there are options to more proactively address the issue.

Marilyn provided an update on the April 11th Culver’s fundraiser. Elaine said there was a long line that night. She said they were very easy to work with and kept in good communication. We should know by the end of the week the amount that was raised.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm.